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All Temp Foods offers a wide selection of the finest quality freshwater fish products in all of Canada. For more than 30 years we have been processing and delivering fresh or frozen products throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia, and other markets. We work closely with our fishermen to ensure superior quality products are landed daily and shipped to our processing facility for immediate processing.  In fact, our fish are being sold as they are caught. Our product list includes the following:

For more information on our products contact our Director of Sales, Phil Ingratta:

519-326-8611 EXT-116

Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch.JPG

The yellow perch's exceptional taste and firm musculature makes it one of the most popular culinary fish the world over. A deliciously sweet flesh that is light and flaky. Best served when battered, sautéd or deep-fried.

White Perch

White Perch.JPG

This member of the Bass family is one of the most popular freshwater fish. Known for its enticing flaky, white-flesh, making it an excellent addition to your seafood menu. A good value fish for chowders, pan-frying or broiling.

White Bass

White Bass.JPG

Enjoyed for centuries for its fine flavor and food value. An important culinary fish are known for its delicate, somewhat sweet, snow-white meat. The flesh is of larger flake and more flavorful than salmon or trout. Excellent in chowders.



Prized by culinary chefs for its unique taste and cooking qualities. A well-proportioned fish with exceptional food and cooking value. Served as a delicacy in many fine European restaurants as the main course or in chowders.

Lake Trout


This member of the salmon family, often called the "lean" trout, inhabits the colder, northern lakes of Canada. Lake trout is a superb table fish due to its orangey-coloured flesh, and a unique flavor similar to freshwater salmon.

Yellow Pickerel (Walleye)

Yellow Pickerel.JPG

The European Yellow Pickerel or Walleye Pickerel is often considered to have the best tasting flesh of any freshwater fish. It is the smallest of the pike family, ranging from two to three pounds. It is a lean, low-fat fish with firm white flesh when cooked.


Photo Unavailable

The most popular freshwater sunfish, the bluegill is readily identified by a black spot on the posterior end of its dorsal fin and its blue-black ear flap. Makes a superb tasting delicacy when pan or deep-fried, indoors or out.

Lake Smelt

Photo Unavailable

Great Lakes smelt are enjoyed around the world for their excellent food value. A subtle taste experience with an aroma likened to fresh cucumbers. Nutritious and inexpensive. These silver gems are best served battered and deep fried.



A firm textured fish that provides a somewhat nutty flavor. The freshwater mullett is a soft textured, ivory meat with medium fat content. As with most fish, mullet can be baked, broiled, grilled, fried, and poached.

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