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Who We Are

Our customers know us by our reputation. 

Perhaps its time for you to consider getting to know us better.


The Beginning

All Temp Foods Limited was established over 30 years ago as an enterprise for the processing of high-quality fish products. The tradition goes back to 1975 when Vito Peralta and his family launched a small fish company called Etna Foods of Windsor Limited. Vito can be seen on the right in the picture below.

Located at the corner of Erie Street and Parent Avenue in Windsor, the fish processing company focused on satisfying the needs of the community in which it was based.



The need to expand its operations became apparent in 1980, as demand for freshwater fish more than doubled. Wanting to satisfy this demand, Etna Foods closed its Windsor operation to move to a larger facility in Leamington, on the North shore of Lake Erie. In 1993, the need for new growth resulted in the purchase of a facility in nearby Kingsville, which became All Temp Foods. Further expansion saw All Temp Foods take control of the receiving, storage and shipping responsibilities at the head office in Leamington, leaving Etna to handle all of the processing duties.  The expansion plans included the purchasing of assets including the MACPAC label from LEF/McLean Brothers of Wheatley Ontario. The Mac Pac Brand was actually launched way back in 1848. Over the years, All Temp Foods has been modernized and refitted several times to keep pace with the ever-changing market demands and its own high-quality standards.

Today, the 27,000 square foot processing plant is equipped with the latest state of the art technology and professional staff who have doubled the size of the company in each of the last 5 years. Ongoing expansion efforts have resulted in strategically positioning five storage and receiving plants in Leamington, Kingsville, Wheatley and Port Stanley. These various locations allow All Temp Foods to receive and ship fish from all across North America.  The company takes great pride in becoming one of the most diversified fish processing operations in Ontario that has the ability to produce a wide range of quality products.


The Future

While All Temp Foods has enjoyed a sustained period of expansion, product diversification, and overall growth, it is continuously looking at new ways of meeting the ever-changing needs of its customers and industry.

To ensure it remains on top of these on-going changes, All Temp Foods will continue to make significant investments to its facilities and people to maintain its tradition of "Product Excellence."

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