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A National Processor and Distributor of the Highest Quality of Fresh Fish Available

Our Premium Products

All Temp Foods offers a wide selection of the finest quality fresh water fish products in all of Canada. For more than 30 years we have been processing and delivering fresh or frozen products throughout Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia, and other markets.

Yellow Perch

Erie's Most Popular

The yellow perch's exceptional taste and firm musculature makes it one of the most popular culinary fish over the world. A deliciously sweet flesh that is light and flaky. Best served when battered, sautéd or deep-fried.

White Bass

Always Fresh

Enjoyed for centuries for its fine flavor and food value. An important culinary fish known for its delicate, somewhat sweet, snow white meat. The flesh is of larger flake and more flavorful than salmon or trout. Excellent in chowders.

Yellow Pickerel

Only the Best

The European Yellow Pickerel or Walleye Pickerel is often considered to have the best tasting flesh of any freshwater fish. It is the smallest of the pike family, ranging from two to three pounds. It is a lean, low-fat fish with firm white flesh when cooked.

About All Temp Foods

Since 1974 our dedication to producing the freshest product available has earned All Temp Foods a name that is trusted throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and other markets. Through its strategically located fish processing operations, state of the art equipment and seasoned professionals, All Temp Foods is one of the most diversified fish processing operations in Ontario. Using our own fishing fleet and refrigerated trucks, fish products are landed daily and are delivered 100% natural - no chemical additives, and unlike some processors, we do not soak our products. This is how we can consistently guarantee superior quality products at competitive prices.

Get In Touch

15 Industrial Rd, Leamington, ON N8H 4W4, Canada

P.O. Box 580

Phone: 519-326-8611
Toll Free: 1-800-800-7210

Fax: 519-326-6267

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